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Vintage Hiki-Furisode


A:Length 60"

B:Sleeve from back center 24.5"

C:Sleeve length 41.5"

D:Width at hem line 53"




Hitokoshi-Chirimen is the one of Chirimen fabric. Alternately woven with one S-twisted and one Z-twisted weft yarns.


Chirimen is a fabric that uses yarn with almost no twist warp threads, and is alternately woven with strongly S-twisted and strongly Z-twisted weft threads. Therefore, with scouring, the cloth shrinks and the texture appears on the surface of the fabric with desired irregularities. There are many different type of Chirimen. 


Hiki-Furisode (Ohikizuri) is a wedding kimono. It has cotton in the hem line to be trail. 


I assume this kimono from before WWII. 

Some embroidery are coming off, gold paint is easily come off.

It is a very beautiful item to hang on the wall for decoration. 


Important Notice:

Vintage Kimonos may have stains, spots or fading. Conditions vary. Stains and spots may or may not come off with dry cleaning.

Some are not really noticeable, but some are.

Carefully check the photos before you commit to your purchase.


I ship orders with reusable packaging whenever possible to reduce environmental impact.  

Your purchase will be carefully shipped. 

I appreciate your understanding.

Vintage Hiki-Furisode / Hitokoshi-Chirimen / Hand Embroidered / Yuzen

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